The Youth Power: Call for ESC participants


Auryn Association is looking for 6 ESC volunteers for a long term project which will take place from October 2020 to August 2021 in León, Spain.


Description of the project and coordinator


Auryn Association is a Youth Organization that manages different mobility opportunities for Young people, such as volunteering, Youth Echanges or Training Courses. The topics of the projects are related to the promotion of the intercultural learning, Human Rights Education and Non -Formal Education both at local and European level.

We participate in Eurpean projects since 2009 and we develop European Volunteering Opportunities since 2012. We coordinate and cooperate in Hosting and Sending projects.


Volunteering Projects




3 vacancies

The association works in the field of prevention, leisure time education, human rights education, theatre promotion, intercultural education, environmental education, youth entertainment and sociocultural development with a personal identity and pedagogical approach.  There is a team of workers and volunteers, who prepares and develops youth entertainment activities and carries out administrative tasks so as to promote the growth of the association as a reference point for the community and the city.

Three Volunteers will participate in this project. The main tasks for them will be related to the After School activities, leisure time support, promotion of UE projects, etc.



1 vacancy

The Schoool of Free time “Alquite” has trained young people and adults to educate through animation since October 1988. We are specialists in non-formal education and training, focused on leisure time and social intervention.

The style of work that characterizes us is based on the professionalism, personal autonomy and teamwork. We promote universal values such as respect and social integration. The educative programs are designed and carried out by a team of professionals who believe not only in the immediate results of an activity but also in the development of an educational process in the animation and leisure time. We provide different ways of learning and of spending a great leisure time.

The main tasks will be related with the dissemination of the youth information and the promotion of the Youth Info Point throughout Internet and Social media.



1 Vacancy

Alzheimer León has been working for more than 25 years improving the life quality of Alzheimer patients and their families, as well as sensitizing society about the disease.

The main purposes of all Alzheimer’s association efforts to improve the quality of life of those affected are; encourage research, protect the rights of the sick, support families, inform society to enhance the early diagnosis of new cases, provide a specialized training to the professionals that are responsible for dealing with the day with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and to promote awareness of this disease.

A multidisciplinary team composed of more than 60 professionals, social workers, psychologists, social educators, etc., develops direct management of programs, centers and services aimed at the sick, the family and society.

The main tasks of the volunteer will be related to the planning development of activities for Alzheimer’s patients.



1 vacancy

Don Bosco Youth Center is an entity which carries out an extensive project of community development and socio-educational intervention in the area of Armunia (in the periphery of León city) since 1980. This is an area with a high rate of population at social risk. In this context, the Youth Center has received an important and positive response by the neighborhood.

The aims of the association are linked with the promotion of the children and youth empowerment throughout a leisure education program which fosters values such as tolerance, respect, solidarity and interculturality.

The main tasks will be related to the development of After School Activities, community development projects and sociocultural animation.

Accomodation, Food Allowance and Pocket Money

We will provide two apartments appropriated for the basic needs of the whole volunteering team. Each of the apartments has three single rooms, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. The apartments are located close to the host organizations and the city center. However, the project will cover local transportation costs if necessary.

Additionally, we’ll provide a weekly allowance for food for each volunteer. Apart from covering the apartment and the allowance, the European Solidarity Corps Project provides a quantity as pocket money for the volunteers to use for their own expenses.


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