Call for Spanish participant for EVS project “Learning and Growth – Youth in Action” in Bulgaria

IMAG1442#1Who: Bulgarian Youth Forum (BMF)

Where: Sofia, (Rakitovo and Podem) (BULGARIA)

When: 01 June 2018 – 30 November 2018

Profile of the volunteer

  • Age: 18-30 years old

How to apply: Send an email to with your CV and a motivation letter (better if both documents are in English).

About us:

Bulgarian Youth Forum (BYF) is a youth organisation, which supports the young people in their efforts to be complete and active persons in the society. In this connection, we aim to establish and facilitate socially beneficial activities, having a direct and indirect impact on developing the youth potential. On account of this we have activities in different spheres which can be of interest for the young people like human rights, social work, tolerance and intercultural diversity, youth and social entrepreneurship, sport and healthy lifestyle, saving of cultural and historical heritage, developing tourism in unpopular regions and supporting the appearance of new working places for the young people there and so on. As our members are with different social and cultural background we know how important it is for them to have equal possibilities for personal and professional development and to play an active role in the society. Through this we show the young people how important is to live in peace and to be united as this is a way to promote the democratic virtues and make them a stable base for the prosperity and development of our society.

The project:

The Project „Learning and Growth – Youth in Action – L.A.G.Y.A“ will include a total of 4 EVS volunteers between 18 and 30-year-old from Turkey, Spain, Italy and Romania. The volunteers will arrive and live in Bulgaria for 6 months from 01.06.2018 to the 30.11.2018. The first two months of their stay will be in Sofia and during the remaining period of four months in the town of Rakitovo and village of Podem, where located partner institutions for work with young people with deviant behaviors. The project will have a positive impact in several key directions, both on partner organisations and on volunteers. The main motivation for its realization is the enrichment of the BYF team with volunteers ready to engage in its day-to-day activities as well as in the activities aimed at working with youths with deviant behaviors, who need support for their social reintegration into society. In this way, BYF will significantly increase the capacity of its specialists (including by improving their knowledge, skills and work with target youths, that are specific), of the organisation as a whole, including increasing the capacity and effectiveness of BYF’s activities, targeting young people with deviant behaviors, who are subject to the desired impact. In this regard, with the realization of this project, BYF has two main aims:

-To improve the quality of the activities of the BYF by attracting foreign volunteers with strong motivation and good general training that will enhance the international dimension of youth activities and will increase the total capacity of ordinary skill in the BYF.
-To improve the level of key competences of the selected volunteers by conducting
specialized, customized training for individual volunteers and by including them in the basic youth activities of the BYF as well as the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to work with young people with deviant behavior. Effectively improve the quality of BYF’s activities by attracting foreign volunteers with
strong motivation and good general training that will strengthen the international dimension of youth activities and increase the overall capacity of BYF specialists.
Highly raise and improve the level of key competences of the selected volunteers (including 3 the specific competencies needed to work with the mainstream youth), by conducting specialized, customized training for individual volunteers and by including them in major youth activities of BYF.

Main activities:

The main activities in which volunteers will participate in pursuit of these objectives are:
 Help with organising various sports events for young people with deviant behavior.
 Publication of online materials in own online blogs, reflecting events and activities of
the organisation during the voluntary service.
 Promoting the activities of the organisation in order for more young people to get
involved and to be acquainted with the projects and events of BYF.
 Training in order to familiarize the participants with the objectives, tasks and activities
carried out by the BYF, in which they will take part and which will assist.
 Assistance with the organisation of various youth events, youth training in non-formal
education, youth campaigns and projects, including those aimed at young people with
deviant behavior. This may include activities from supporting the BYF team in human
resource coordination, communication and logistics.
 Organisation of own youth events and initiatives for young people. For example
 Participation of BYF activities related to writing, implementation and project reporting,
mainly within the “Erasmus+” program and Youthpass presentation.
 Visit and work in institutions of learning and working with young people with deviant
behavior. Using the methods of discussions, debates, case studies.
 Visit of historical and cultural places.
 A course in Bulgarian language that will begin as soon as they arrive, to enable them to
communicate freely during their volunteer service.
 Creatively representing their home countries as culture, cuisine, language, aiming
intercultural exchange.
Hours/days of service per week: 30 hours a week – 6 days of service. The methods of
non-formal education will be actively applied during the implementation of the project.

Requirements for the volunteer:

Age 18-30 (30 + 364 days at the moment of the project’s submission); at least intermediate
English knowledge and strong motivation to volunteering. Good communication skills and ability to work in team in multinational and multicultural environment. Flexibility and high responsibility to the youth work. The volunteers will be involved in many youth activities, which will include shooting pictures, organising small events, trainings and tournaments, maintaining online blogs as working on projects related to their work and “Erasmus+”. Based on that any of the following previous experience will be considered a big advantage during the selection:
– Experience in work with children with various social and cultural background.
– Experience in assisting, organizing and/or managing youth activities and events.
– Strong motivation for volunteering and the most importantly to develop themselves as
youth workers who work with children with deviant behavior.
– Applicants who have the will to implement the experience that they gained while the
project, in their home countries and organisations.
– Strongly preferable to have qualities as patience, positivity, ambition to achieve
results and willingness to learn.
– Experience in writing/organising/managing/implementing/reporting projects under
EU programs mainly “Erasmus +”.
– Interest in developing projects connected with the work of the youth from the target
group, when volunteers return to their home countries.
NB. You do not need knowledge or experience in any of the fields mentioned above but if
you can contribute with any of them, please make sure to include that in your motivational letter.


The volunteers will be accommodated in student dormitories in Sofia. During their stay in
Rakitovo and Podem, the volunteers will be accommodated in dormitories of the respective
institutions where they will have fast access to their everyday workplace.

More info:

If you have any additional questions, please refer them to us:

Calle Campos Góticos, 3 24005 León España

987 20 97 64

More about BYF:
Official website:;

Facebook page:
Correspondence address: Lyulin, bl. 156, fl. 4, apt. 14, 1335 Sofia, Bulgaria




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